Our beautiful Reef is in Danger!

Saturday 8th June, 2019


Location: Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Are your Gypsy Souls ready to take a journey deep into the beautiful coral reef of Australia.




Saturday 8th of June

These pictures are from a recent trip to cairns, we went diving in the reef to see the damage that had been done.


Here at Our Gypsy Soul we are very passionate about saving our reef and the animals in it. All of purchases made instore come in paper bags and online purchases being sent out in biodegradable bags.

(we are always working on being as eco friendly as possible)


The Great Barrier Reef is in grave danger. The twin perils brought by climate change – an increase in the temperature of the ocean and in its acidity – threaten its very existence.

Sir David Attenborough


A future without the world’s largest coral reef is unimaginable. But there is hope.

Some of the brightest minds around the world are focused on decoding the secrets of the reef and uncovering the pressures that threaten it.

Each day, new solutions and new answers are being discovered.

Working together, everyone's actions, big and small, are vital to the Reef's future.


If you want to take part in saving our reef please head to


and have a read about how much danger our reef is in and how much your donations help.


Please know how much every little bit helps,

With Love Our Gypsy Soul xxx